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The Sardinia

A technical course, "4x4 Only", paths and tracks with fantastic landscapes. We have separated Sardinia into two discoveries "EAST" and "WEST".

Some passages require more time and the beauty of the place deserves to be enjoyed. You can, of course, chain 6 days Sardinia East and 6 days Sardinia West.


You will keep memories of a still wild nature... 

The Greece

Ia Greece par its paths and tracks. A route that follows the paths of the shepherds, tracks in the mountains and quiet roads without risk for bodywork, suitable for SUVs and 4x4s. 


Fantastic discovery landscapes, sea, typical restaurants, visits, ... In short, fun for the whole family!

We have divided Greece into 2 raids: Central Greece and Peloponnese 



The Monegros desert, a fabulous and little-known geographical area in northern Spain. 


The Morocco

Go on an adventure in Morocco during a unique 4x4 trip, through its paths and tracks. Our itinerary will allow you to explore for 10 days the traces of the shepherds, the scenic trailsmountains and quiet roadss.

RaidAdventure at 100% bivouac 


Several weekends of adventures and discoveries for this 2024 season

Two weekends in Champagne-Ardenne and one weekend in Hauts-de-France.


Travel through stunning landscapes, test your off-road driving skills and taste the local gastronomy. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

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