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Road BookBelgium

We offer you a single Road Book forr la Belgium: the Trans-Ardennaise.

Prepare to be immersed in the splendor of the Belgian Ardennes, a region rich in history, wilderness and authentic charm. Each page is an invitation to a unique getaway, a trip tailor-made for those looking to escape the beaten track.


Departure from Beauraing (Belgium)

Arrival at the foot of the Francorchamps circuit;

  • Recommended duration: 1 day or a weekend.

  • Distance: 165 km including 60% slopes

  • Period: possible all year round, A/T tires recommended

All our Road Books are available in Paper version and/or inDigital version.

  • The paper version is an A5 format booklet (half of a “normal” A4 page) 

  • Theredigital version is a protected PDF thatis notnot printable.  

  • In addition to the Road Book, you will receive files in GPX and OZI format. 

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