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  • What exactly is a Road Book?
    A road book is a detailed guide used mainly in adventure trips, especially during 4x4 raids or expeditions. It is essentially a document that describes the route to be followed, step by step, with precise indications on roads, paths, points of interest, distances, directions to be taken and possibly information on weather conditions, accommodation or services available along the route. For 4x4 adventures, a road book is a vital resource because it guides participants through terrain that is sometimes difficult to navigate, off the beaten track. This allows participants to stay on track, plan stops and stages, and ensure that they safely explore areas that are often remote and little frequented. Live an adventure without the constraints of tedious upstream preparations and without too much risk of having to turn around if you had followed a track that ends nowhere. Once it's adventure, 10 times it's annoying and 100 times it spoils the pleasure of your vacation.
  • What is the difference between the Paper version and the Digital version?
    There is no difference in content between the Paper version and the Digital version. The Digital version is available immediately after the validation of your order and you will be able to download the Road Book in PDF format. This PDF document Is readable on Computer (Mac & PC), Tablets and SmartPhones (Android & Apple), Is NOT printable Is secured with a security code integrated into the document and linked to your customer account. This is to protect our intellectual property in the event of dissemination.. The Paper version is sent by postal mail to the address provided when ordering. Allow between ± 2 and 5 days delivery time. The paper Road Book is in the form of a book bound in A5 format, which is a readable and space-saving format. A5 format: it is 15 cm wide by 21 cm high. Either half a sheet of standard paper "A4"
  • Do I have to equip my vehicle with special equipment?
    You will travel alone or with a few friends. In order not to get stuck, it is sometimes prudent to bring a minimum of tools for the vehicle as well as a few tools in order to clear a track cluttered by a branch. In any case, never leave without a spare wheel in good condition of the same reference as the mounted tires. Also think about the anti-theft nut. Each of our Road Book includes a section dedicated to take-away equipment.
  • How do you prepare your Road Books?
    To create our 4x4 roadbooks, we have a meticulous process that combines local expertise, detailed mapping and practical experience. Here is an overview of our process: 1. In-depth research of the region: We carefully study the region where the raid will take place. This includes field exploration, consultation of detailed maps, as well as exchanges with local experts to understand specific particularities both on the ground and local culture and tourist points. 2. Selection of tracks and points of interest: We identify the tracks and paths adapted to the raid according to the difficulty, landscapes and local attractions. We also integrate points of interest such as natural sites, picturesque villages or panoramic stops. 3. Validation of routes: The nicest and also the longest work... on-site recognitions. We compare theory and practice to ensure feasibility, safety and compliance with our environmental criteria. To create a RoadBook day we estimate that it takes between 3 and 6 days on site. Especially since we validate our Road Books in different seasons in order to better advise you. 4. Detailed documentation: We then create, once all the data has been analyzed, the detailed Road Book including maps, route descriptions, specific indications on the tracks, refuelling points, bivouac or camping places, charming hotels, as well as information on possible challenges or obstacles encountered along the way. 5. Regular update: Our Road Books are constantly re-evaluated and updated according to changes occurring in the region that may affect the route. You are invited to participate in the updates. Your travel returns are valuable for improving and maintaining each itinerary. You don't want to travel alone? GreenTracers also offers Family Adventure Raids. Visit the dedicated part of the site via this link. ( During the raid, our team of escorts is available to provide advice, assistance and adjustments if necessary, to ensure a safe experience and in accordance with participants' expectations.
  • Je voudrais suivre le Road Book sur mon GPS, c'est possible ?
    Oui, bien sur du moins si votre GPS en est capable. Lors de la commande de la version numérique, en plus du document PDF vous recevrez les fichiers GPS au format GPX et OZI. Lors de la commande d'une version papier, nous vous contacterons par email afin de vous envoyer les fichiers.
  • J'utilise un autre format que GPX ou OZI pouvez-vous m'aider ?
    Oui, avec plaisir. Nous essayerons de convertir le fichier pour qu'il soit lisible sur votre GPS OffRoad. Notez que tous les GPS ne sont pas compatible avec ce type de navigation.
  • Dois-je suivre aveuglément le Road Book ?
    Bien sur que .. non ! Le bon sens et votre responsabilité prime. En tant que conducteur vous devez respecter le code de la route et toute autre indication. Si un chemin, une piste venait a être fermée, merci de nous en informer via la page contact afin que l'on puisse adapter le Road Book
  • I need more details on the concept of 4x4 trips organized by GreenTracers
    Find the full explanation of the concept on this page ( In summary: GreenTracers accompanies you on a 4x4 trip away from mass tourism and with respect for nature. Either your SUV or 4X4 vehicle, or in a rental 4x4. Our rate is independent of the number of people in the vehicle. The rate is the same whether you are alone, as a couple, with children, etc.
  • How many people per vehicle?
    The rate is the same whether you are alone, as a couple, with children, etc.
  • Do you accept SUVs?
    Yes, on the majority of our adventure raids SUVs (4-wheel drive) are accepted. Check on the page of the desired destination that this is the case.
  • Do I have to equip my vehicle with special equipment?
    Winch, for example...? No, just provide a spare wheel in good condition and of the same reference as the mounted tires. Don't forget your anti-theft nut! We are always with you during organized trips. No specific equipment is therefore necessary.
  • Do you accept Quads and SSV?
    No. Under no circumstances. Our trips are based on the discovery of nature, taking the time to take photo breaks. This is generally incompatible with the current use of SSV & Quads
  • Are dogs welcome?
    Yes, of course! He will have to be in order against rabies and be sociable both with humans and with his congeners. Ralph, our Swiss White Shepherd accompanies us in most of our adventures.
  • Is there a minimum of participants for a trip to take place?
    Yes, this information is clearly indicated on the page of each trip. What if the minimum number is not reached? Your purchase will be 100% refunded or, at your choice, postponed to the date of your choice. There is also a maximum number of vehicles because we prefer small groups.
  • I didn't find an answer to the question I'm asking myself?
    Contact David by phone & WhatsApp at +32 496 645 417, via the contact form ( and by email at (
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